Mental Health Skill-Building Services

Mental Health Skill-Building Services

Integrated Health Services provides mental health skill-building services to individuals who are 18 and older who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness that either currently or in the past required any of the following:

(i) psychiatric hospitalization

(ii) either residential or nonresidential crisis stabilization

(iii) intensive community treatment (ICT) or program of assertive community treatment (PACT) services;

(iv) placement in a psychiatric residential treatment facility (RTC-Level C) as a result of decompensation related to the individual’s serious mental illness; or

(v) a temporary detention order (TDO) evaluation, pursuant to § 37.2-809 B of the Code of Virginia. Typically, clients will receive 1-3 hours of services per day. Treatment is specifically goal oriented, solution-focused and utilizes best practice modalities. Each client will receive an initial screening and assessment. Once complete, the client will collaborate with Integrated Health Services staff to develop their individualized treatment plan which will drive services.

These services generally include:

  • Individualized and customized treatment plans
  • Practical skills training
  • Safety plan development and implementation
  • Monitoring of mental and physical health
  • Teaching independent living skills to include: medication management, personal hygiene, nutrition, food preparation, financial planning, employment skills, and coping skills.

Funding Options:

  • Medicaid- Medallion 4.0 & CCC+ to include United Healthcare Community Plan, Anthem Healthkeepers Plus, Optima Health Family Care, Virginia Premier, Magellan Complete Care of Virginia, and Aetna Better Health of Virginia
  • DSS, CSA, DOJ, and other community supports
  • Self-pay