About Us

Integrated Health Services is a community based mental and behavioral health agency serving the residents of Southeastern Virginia, Richmond, and surrounding areas.

Integrated Health Services employs a diverse and highly credentialed team of individuals to include Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Trauma Certified Therapists, Certified Substance Abuse Counselors, Certified Sex-Offender Treatment Providers, Board Certified Art Therapists, and many others who have served in both the public and private sectors. These talented individuals ensure the provision of compassionate and specialized care as well as oversee daily operations and service delivery to our clients. We offer a range of services to children, adolescents, and families (whether traditional, blended, single-parent, or foster). Treatment options include outpatient therapy, specialized intensive in-home treatment, substance abuse counseling, trauma focused therapy, sex offender treatment, behavioral interventions for those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and an array of other services. For more information please go to our services page.

About Our Specialists

Dyverynce Lambert, LPC, Clinical Director
Have you experienced a life changing event? Do you having trouble making a life transition and feel like no one understands you? Life can be difficult especially when tragedy occurs. No worries! There is hope! In my ten years of experience in the field, I have worked with individuals and families who have overcome extreme trauma such as physical abuse, sexual molestation, attempted murder, domestic violence, surviving war, etc. I call my clients “Trauma Conquerors” for overcoming life’s challenges. I am a Virginia State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) certified in Trauma Focused-CBT and a CSOTP Resident. I use modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Focused CBT, Gestalt Therapy, and other trauma focused interventions that produce life changing results. I work with all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. I believe in people and their inner power. It’s my job to help you find that power to conquer life’s greatest challenges. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”- from Our Deepest Fear- by Marianne Williamson. The world deserves the power you possess! Let me help you unleash it!

Kathy Levenston, LCSW, CSOTP Resident
Kathy Levenston has specialized for over 20 years working with individuals and families who are coping with complex, multigenerational trauma, including foster and adoptive families. She has extensive experience in a variety of service modalities and treatment approaches,addressing a wide variety of mental health and behavioral issues, including PTSD, substance use disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, ADHD, depression and other mood disorders, sexually reactive behaviors, and other severe behavioral issues. Kathy has supervised outpatient therapy, intensive in-home services, and parent coaching services, with a clinical orientation grounded in strategic and solution-focused family therapy and therapeutic parenting techniques. Kathy has provided supervision to LCSW, LPC and LMFT candidates for over 15 years, and has a passion for working with LCSW candidates who have the desire to develop their skills in family therapy and other clinical modalities with a focus on empowering families.

Suzanne Loughman, LPC, CSOTP
Suzanne is a nationally accredited Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider whom employs evidence-based/best practice approaches to meet the needs of all individuals and families she treats. Suzanne is an expert in providing services to youth with sexualized behavior problems, who are responsive to change through education and treatment delivered within the community. Suzanne also offers outpatient therapy to individuals, families and couples, in addition to Group Therapy and Community Training services. The use of art therapy techniques as both a means for healing and assessing need is the preferred method utilized by Suzanne, symbolic of her love of the healing arts and her commitment to blending theory, technique, and practice, to converge the best of two worlds – art and psychology – for eliciting positive change. Suzanne’s passion is founded on a belief that no matter what each individual’s history includes, he/she is ultimately responsible for personal decisions and future behaviors; therefore, it is critical that individuals be equip with the tools necessary to achieve these goals through supportive care and treatment.

Holly Roper, MA, Resident in Counseling
Tailoring services in a holistic manner is my philosophy for helping you to find the balance that you seek. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe while building a strong therapeutic relationship, based on trust and non-judgmental regard. I believe that nothing is impossible, and that hard work and determination, along with a solid plan, can move mountains.
I am trained in the integration of psychology and theology. Therefore, I am able to meet clients where they are spiritually no matter the denomination.
I work with individuals and couples of all ages and have a passion for working with preteens/tweens, adolescents/teens and young adults. My specialties are add/adhd coaching, anxiety, depression, family conflict, codependency, life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, stress, school issues and OCD. I also specialize in helping those with chronic disorganization due to a traumatic event, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, addiction or any life event.